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Terms of Service

Welcome to Qualification Station! By completing your registration with Qualification Station, you are acknowledging your agreement to the below terms of use.

1. Qualification Station is a database tool for recording and tracking certification information for your employees. We provide the tool, and you provide the information by uploading data about your employees. Qualification Station does not provide certifications of any kind and does not provide guidance on the certifications necessary for employees in different industries.

2. Qualification Station is a tool developed and owned by Complete Safety, LLC. Under these Terms of Use, you are receiving a limited, non-exclusive license to use the database tool and interface. All intellectual property associated with Qualification Station including, but not limited to, the database, the interface(s) with the database including the QR code access, and the name Qualification Station belong entirely to Complete Safety, LLC. Nothing in these Terms of Use conveys an interest said intellectual property to you or any third party by virtue your use of the system.

3. You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the information loaded into Qualification Station. The information you provide will appear in the tool exactly as you complete the data entry fields and your employee’s certificates will appear exactly as uploaded by you. Qualification Station does not review the information for accuracy in any way. You are entirely responsible for accuracy and correctness.

4. The monthly subscription rate for Qualification Station is currently:

1-49 employees is $39 per month

50-99 employees is $79 per month

100-249 employees is $189 per month

250-499 employees is 369 per month

500-999 employees is $599 per month

1,000-1,500 employees is $769 per month

Includes: unlimited certifications

Pay yearly in advance and receive a 15% discount

No employee upfront fee for hard hat stickers.

ID cards are $5.00


This fee may be adjusted from time to time upon 60 days’ notice to you of the change. Your company will be invoiced monthly.

5. If you do not pay your Invoice on time, your access to the system will be turned off. Failure to make timely payment will also mean that any third-party user seeking to access information about your employees will be denied access to the system.

6. Qualification Station cannot promise that data will remain in the system if fees are not paid when due. It is your responsibility to maintain the original documentation used to create your inputs into the system so that you will have access to your employee information even if you do not pay for your Qualification Station service.

7. If Complete Safety, LLC, becomes subject to third party liability related directly or indirectly to the information that you load into the Qualification Station system, you agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold Complete Safety, LLC, harmless from any and all claims, damages, fees, and costs associated with the third party liability including, but not limited to, attorney fees incurred by Complete Safety, LLC.